Monday, April 23, 2012

Handbag to Backpack Upcycle

Well I'm out (sad face).  My upcycled jammies didn't quite pull me over the finish line in the second last heat of Project Recycled.  Yep, you all guessed right!  The pj's were mine!
Thank you Robin for having me, you can read my exit interview over there now and don't forget to vote for the last two standing, in the final challenge in a day or so.

I did, however, have my final entry ready to go, so I'm posting it here for you all instead. So here we go, my Wildcard Project. Years ago I used to enter a lot of competitions, and this handbag was one of my wins.

It was a promo bag for the movie "The Perfect Catch".  I always found the bag a little provocative to actually use.  Was I asking someone to steal my bag?  or Did it sound like I had tickets on myself?  Either way, I could never bring myself to use it.  Fast forward to today and I could definitely see a use for it!

A backpack for my little girl!  I cut the front off and used a pair of jeans to recreate the front of the bag.  I cut off  the handles and reattached them onto the back, creating the backpack straps.

Now we have a bag that really will get used!

Thanks to you guys for having a guess and going over there and voting, I really appreciated your support!

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